Eurospan® Stretch Wall System


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Eurospan® Stretch Wall System is acoustic technology that perfectly fuses aesthetics and function - and offers the PinkGrip™ track locking system to simplify the installation process. The Eurospan® Stretch Wall System is flexible enough to accommodate a variety of architectural designs - such as convex and concave walls - and can be applied to nearly any wall surface: block, brick, concrete, gypsum board or wood. Other key features of the Eurospan® stretch fabric system include:

  • An NRC rating of 0.80 to1.00, which dramatically improves speech and sound quality.

  • Fire-resistant with a Class I rating. It meets or exceeds fire hazard classification 25/50 per ASTM E-84 and passes the Corner Wall Test per NFP 265 or UBC 8-2.

  • Green Cross certification, with a certified minimum 30% recycled glass content, and at least 4% post-consumer glass content.